22 December 2011

kitchen [we've got gas]

Propane to be exact...

Hello new tank.

Thanks for stoping by, LG double oven and microwave.

And welcome...you beautiful, blue flame!

21 December 2011

kitchen [cab install]

I may be back at some point to highlight some of the custom work we did, but in the meantime, here is a pictorial account of the install...

day one

 day two

 day three

test to ensure 30" sink cab holds the weight of a 15-month old -- it does

08 December 2011

kitchen [demo and rebuilding]

Demo is complete.
And the rebuilding has begun.

There are, however, no photos that document the demo process. Just so happened that the day I picked to demo, a freak, pre-Halloween snow event of sorts knocked out our power for about 12 hours. So I was literally ripping drywall off the wall in the near dark, save for a small utility lamp plugged into my neighbor's generator. I also had the fridge plugged in, but that is beside the point.

Electrical was the next logical step; and took way longer than expected. It occurs to me that everything DIY always takes longer than expected...so why don't we all just realign our expectations -- then everything would be finished on time. Here are some of the highlights:
  • In-wall low voltage lines for LED undercabs 
  • Had to re-route a bunch of lines to account for a new microwave placement, new gas stove (goodbye 220v), new recessed lighting and a new pendant light. Amazingly enough, all of the receptacles ended up being in good locations, so we just switched out the boxes so everything would be consistent.
  • Ran wire for new switches and recessed lighting
  • Relocated our heating thermostat from the upstairs hallway to the main floor, in hopes of keeping the house more comfrontable during the winter.  

Next step was adding a bit of new insulation to supplement the blown-in (from the previous homeowner's 90s remodel), the majority of which I was able to save, even through the drywall demo and new wiring.

Followed by the old floor removal and new luan underlayment for the Forbo Marmoleum. I ended up hiring this job out in order to save time -- the weekends are just too short, especially once I pulled out the plumbing.

In that same vein, I also hired out the new drywall install. Maybe a DIY sin in some people's eyes, but I believe its well worth the time-saved and a wise investment for the money. My installer is at the house doing his first sanding and recoat as I write. He expects to finish up by the end of the week. So it looks like painting is on tap for this weekend.

Cabinet install is scheduled to take place next weekend, as I was able to pull in my dad and brother for two straight days of IKEA kitchen fun. The counter templating is scheduled for the Monday after, so the pressure will be on. Looking at the extended forecast...it appears we might just have counters and running water by New Year's Eve. 

07 December 2011

i only had to show him once

now anytime he gets that wrench in his hand, he heads for the sink cab!