31 January 2013

bathroom [demo & rebuilding]


After nearly two months of intense planning and material selection, the main bathroom renovation is underway! Although we've had a major hand in selecting every last detail down to the angle stop valve, this renovation is being handled by a general contractor, William Kenny, Inc, who I can't recommend highly enough.

With our second child due at the beginning of March, combined with the fact that this is our only full bathroom in the house, there was no way for us to undertake a full (or even partial) DIY renovation. As it is, we are going to be without a shower for all but three weeks, so we figured it would have taken us at least twice that long to complete, probably longer.

Choosing the contractor was actually the easiest part of the entire process. Will had originally been recommended to us by a guy who works for my Dad. Will's crew replaced both our front and back enterance doors (a project I've yet to post about) and did a great job -- they are excellent craftsmen, not simply just contractors. So it just made sense not to waste time going around with two or three contractors to get quotes -- the peace of mind that comes from knowing a job will be done right the first time outweighs a couple thousand bucks in the greater scheme of home ownership.

I'll be back (hopefully soon) with a post summarizing our planning and material selections. And with that, a few pics to document our progress...

Medicine cab mock-up
med cab mock-up

Plumbing rough-in at vanity

New tub installed

Electrical rough-in

Shower niche framing
shower niche framing

Recessed lights installed

Medicine cab framing
medicine cab framing