03 July 2008

Gallons + Gallons

Behr paint has come highly recommended (from others besides Home Depot), so when I stumbled upon a huge July 4th sale at HD, we had to jump on it!

We had been discussing colors since we moved in (March 08), but hadn't done so much as snagged a color strip from a single store. Angie managed to grab some early in the week that were in our desired color ranges. Then we spent a good 2 hours at the store fine-tuning those colors. We decided on most of what we wanted for the living room, dining room and the bedrooms and took the sample strips home to "see them in action" there. This turned out to be a super-important step b/c we decided that the wall color we loved for our living room and dining room (Porpoise), was a bit too dark for our space. After some more fine tuning, we headed back to the store and placed our order -- the results of which you can see in the pic above.

We'll be doing all of the ceilings in the aforementioned rooms this weekend. Walls and trim to follow. More info on colors and pics after we get it on the walls!

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