13 February 2009

Morning Star Redesign - Part One

I recently had the privilege of serving on a design team tasked with the responsibility to redesign the waiting room at Morning Star Pregnancy Services. It's a local non-profit that reaches out to many young women facing unplanned pregnancies. Thus, our task was more about bringing life and inspiration to the space, rather than just a decorative or cosmetic make-over.

The design team met in the space a number of times to discuss ways to make the space more functional (brochure rack, free item baskets, a kids play area, seating) and to develop a general design scheme. We also choose paint colors, fabrics, lighting, flooring, art and other materials. This is the rather blank canvas we had to work with...

We then presented our ideas to the Executive Director of Morning Star. She was excited by our general design scheme and provided some great feedback as to further needs for the functionality of the space. So we tweaked a few things here and there and then spent the next two weeks purchasing everything from paint to new handles for the curio cabinets to the flooring.

Check back in a few days for a follow-up post in which I’ll highlight the transformation of the waiting room. You love the suspense, right?

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