17 May 2009

Garden Fence

[Insert lame excuse for not posting more frequently]

Despite a "recent" post about the half-bath and kitchen being next, we've temporarily moved outside in order to prepare the garden for planting. We have this pretty cool stainless-steel fence that the previous owner of our home left us. It was less than sturdy, so we needed to replace the wooden border around the garden that helped hold the fence in place -- railroad ties were originally used, but had pretty much rotted and allowed the rebar holding the fence to sag. We opted for fence post instead of the RR ties.

Fence post (repurposed) is leveled and holes have been drilled where the rebar will sit.

Finished project. Fencing is connected to the rebar with rebar ties. We'll eventually replace the other 3 sides, but I think that will happen gradually over the next 3 years.

BTW: The reason you see the ground all torn up there in front of the fence is because we're putting in a raised flower bed. When the flowers are fully grown, they will help to create a natural cover to the otherwise unsightly fence. As you can imagine, more info on that project to follow.


baz_mcm said...

Know all about the juggling of project order dance. You just have to take bites as they come. Chew. Swallow. Repeat.

Envious of all the outdoor projects going on. We're stuck inside putting up baseboards.



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