01 June 2009

Raised Flower Bed

How great is it when you actually finish a project on time? With a little help from my dad (and a gas-powered auger), we were able to finish the raised flower bed this past weekend.

Angie and I had previously cleared the sod where the flower bed was to be placed. The bed itself is 48'L x 2'D -- so it was a good bit of work on every level.

We got the structure itself completed on Saturday. We used 2x4 Trex Brasilia Cayenne (special order from local lumber yard) and 4"x4" cedar posts. I went with the Trex because of its duribility to the elements (without the chemicals of pressure treated lumber). It's a good bit heavier (and flexible) than wood; but it cuts and is fastened pretty much the same. Here's a nice close-up shot of the product.

On Sunday we prepared the bed for planting. After replacing the sod, upside down, we added a layer of compost (shown below) and topsoil. We'll allow that mixture to settle for about a week before planting.

More pics and details on the process over at Kingswood Redux's Flickr

Props: Inspiration for the project from redneckmodern
Drummond-Revere Home "Restovation"

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Caplan Bears said...

I would have never thought to just flip some sod upside-down. Also, I'll be looking up Trex. Thanks for sharing!