20 April 2011

kitchen [initial design]

Our initial design in IKEA's Kitchen Planner (must have the Kitchen Planner software installed to view and modify our plan) is complete; and awaits your feedback!

The kitchen is fairly small and somewhat height-challenged due to the previous owner's addition of an attic above it -- the storage space is something we're not willing to give up, but a short ceiling is the trade-off. As is a set of fold-down stairs from attic space that eliminates the ability to place cabinets on one entire length of a long wall. That is the wall with the long "window" -- which is actually the opening that looks down into the lower living room (the split-level feature of our home). Not shown on the plan or stills is the set of 3 steps, which sit in the corner behind the small table and chairs.

As far as our design, we are open to any and all improvements, suggestions and redesigns. I’ve configured the initial redesign much as the kitchen currently exists, save the microwave above the range. Our microwave currently sits in the corner to the left of the sink, taking up valuable counter space. So I was definitely looking to get it off the counter. I also recognize that the wall cabs (at 39”) only leave approx. 16” between the bottom of the wall cabs and the countertop. But I just can’t imagine using 30” wall cabs instead, due to the loss of storage space. 36” cabs would be ideal, but IKEA doesn’t offer them. Any specific suggestions on that issue would be a great help.

Other items to note:
-We’re not opposed to moving plumbing
-We are replacing the lone window with a slightly smaller casement window, which will open up the space to the right of the window a bit.
-We‘re not opposed to consider moving the window either, but it must stay on that wall (as it is the only exterior wall).
-We have a separate pantry under the stairs, so dry goods storage is not a concern in the kitchen.
-There is no trim around the door (which leads to open dining and living room floorplan), so there are no clearance problems with our counter-depth fridge.

Feel free to drop any suggestions or comments here,
or over at the IKEAFANS.com thread.


The Lows said...

Thanks again for the comment on our fireplace! I think the kitchen looks great, but I have one suggestion. Make sure you use your corners wisely and don't waste any space. We had a corner cabinet on the base cabinets in our last house and it was amazing how much it stored. A lazy susan would make it even better.

Cincinnati Modernation said...

Troy, we are working on our Ikea layout ideas as well. Your configuration looks good with such constraints, I don't think the taller cabinets are a good idea with the low ceiling. Maybe go 2-4" deeper than normal on the counter for more space. What about a rolling island in lieu of seating to give you that extra storage you're looking for.


troy. said...

Lows: Corners will be accounted for -- thanks!

Chris: Really appreciate your comments. Now help me out here...can you provide more thoughts on why you don't think the taller (39") wall cabs are a good idea with our low ceilings? Is it the clearance between the counters and wall cabs that you’re worried about? Ceiling clearance issues? Others? I think IKEA recommended 17” min. between counter and wall cabs and mine were coming in roughly at 16” – although I am going to look into that more closely in hopes of getting a truer measurement.

And on the 2-4" deeper on the counter suggestion, do you mean if we go w/ 39" wall cabs, or regardless of what size wall cabs we go with? Given what we’re working with, I think the major problem with this suggestion is that we already have a new, counter-depth fridge, so counters would then stick out past the fridge, even at 2”.

We considered an island, but I feel the kitchen is small enough and that will only add another obstacle. And even w/ the rolling island, when pushed to the corner, it will take away from the somewhat open feeling you get when looking down to the lower living room or looking from the lower living room back up to the kitchen.

Lisa said...

We just installed an Ikea kitchen in our small 1950's bungalow and used the 39" wall cabinets to maximize the space. With the deco trim to hide the under-cabinet lights, we were left with just under 16". Initially, I was concerned but in the end, it turned out just fine and I'm happy with the results. It doesn't feel closed in at all. The coffee maker fits in the corner nicely. The only things that don't fit are the blender (which we keep in a cupboard anyway so the counter isn't cluttered) and my professional KitchenAid mixer (it has a bowl lift instead of a flip head so it requires more vertical space).

I'm about 5'2" and I find the lower shelves are at just the right height. Any higher, and they would be difficult to access. At first, I had the contractor install the first cabinet flush with the ceiling so I could have an 18" clearance (with the deco trim which is 2"). This was way too high for me. The bottom of the cabinet was about eye level for me, which meant I wouldn't be able to reach the second shelf without a step ladder (we have 8' ceilings).

My suggestion would be to make a mock up of a cabinet using a cardboard box and hang it at that height and see if it's a problem.

Here's our home reno blog if you'd like to have a look at what we've done:



Cincinnati Modernation said...

I've done a kitchen with deeper counters and it helps when you don't have much space. You will probably be okay doing the 16" clearance. With the 'L' layout, you will want to maximize every square inch of wall space. You can always do a flip down surface for something more that won't interfere.

troy. said...

Thanks again, Chris.

And Lisa, thanks for your insight and ideas and the link over to your blog. I just went through a few and will have to revisit to see more.

Rob said...

I stumbled onto your blog looking for the Lilangen vanity cabinet. I've just finished my second IKEA kitchen (except the tough part of choosing the handles!) I have done one kitchen each with 30" and 39" uppers - from a usability standpoint the topmost shelf in a 39" cabinet is just for show... I'm 6'0" tall and can reach it, but anybody much shorter than that needs a stool...

Govardhan Avvaru said...

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