08 February 2012

interesting super bowl sunday was had here at kingswood redux
no parties to speak of, as house is in full redux swing
this was supposed to be a day of rest
but it turned out to be a major work day

story begins a week before, when the old maytag dryer stops working mid-cycle
appliance repairman says the motor is blown -- too much to fix

lots of internet research ensued
leading to the purchase of a new matching set

old dryer -- scrap it (via free stuff on craigslist)
old washer -- sold on craigslist
we're big fan of craigslist here

saturday -- the day before the delivery
paint and clean laundry closet
old water valves corroded and must be replaced
big thanks to the inventors of SharkBite
saved me the hassle of soldering
also put down a click-n-lock floor from IKEA that we originally picked up to put down in two closets

super bowl sunday -- delivery day
notice "corner of concern" (seen above) and wonder if the door to the new, front-load washer will open when pushed over against that wall
new set is delivered and the guys couldn't be happier to tell me the door won't open, which means they get to leave everything sit right where it is and hightail it out the door (so they can get home to watch the super bowl, of course)

two options: stack them or remove the corner
after a bit of thinking and a call to my "general contractor" (i.e. dad) the decision is made to remove the corner-- no problem, right?
yeah...except that when I removed the drywall, it became apparent that this corner was actually a load bearing post

4:30 -- two hours to kick-off
quick run to the home depot to get a basement jack
[as a side, let me just add that if you want home depot all to yourself, 4:30 on super bowl sunday is the time to go]
install basement jack

6:00 -- half-hour till kick-off
sawzall support post in middle and use leverage as your friend
pull the bottom of post, realize it was set directly into dirt (some 54 years ago) and has since rotted out -- so it wasn't actually even sitting on anything (or bearing any load)
remove some more drywall so I can cleanly rebuild the opening
grab a bite to eat at some point early in the second quarter

clean up
install new washer and dryer

run a load of towels (!)
rewind to halftime
enjoyed an entertaining halftime show (madonna + lmfao = good fun) and a great second half of football

plan going forward is to build a new corner post in the remaining section of wall that remains

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