13 March 2012


Sweepingly beautiful short film about place and memory, a farmhouse in Japan, and the lives of the people who called it home.

Redux Update...
Not sure I've completely drawn the picture here on the blog or not, but the kitchen remains in an unfinished state. The reasons are many and include (1) fact that as soon as we got running water back, all my drive to finish the details like cover panels, tile backsplash and trim vanished, (2) we're waiting on a custom steel railing to be installed and (3) the demo of the tile floor in the existing lower living room and all of the associated details concerned with choosing new flooring to put in its place, which has been complicated by the decision to install electric radiant floor heat. All of that to say, updates have been few and far between, but when I finally have a chance, there is plenty of material there to post about.

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