03 July 2012



The plan was to tile the backsplash this past weekend. We even had my parents lined up to watch the little man all day so we could focus on the task at hand. But then I woke up to the sound of chainsaws and no electricity on Friday morning. A quick glance out the window revealed the following...




We were spared any damage to our house and only lost a few limbs. Our neighbors didn't fare as well:



The bit of irony here is that my neighbor had just sealed his driveway the day before the storm, so his truck was parked on the street -- directly in the path of the tree that fell across the road from another neighbor's house.

The little man was glued to the window for a solid hour...

We ended up cleaning up our own place and then helping some neighbors most of Friday and all of Saturday morning. Needless to say, Operation Backsplash was postponed. We'll be celebrating our freedom to tile on July 4. So whether you go picnic-style or DIY-style, enjoy the holiday!

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