05 February 2013

bathroom [drywall & kerdi]

Progress on the bathroom remains on schedule. Drywall was hanged and taped on the final day of the first week. The KERDI-BOARD went up the first day of the second week, as did the first coat of drywall mud. Here's what it looks like:



Little foreman on the job (note the OSHA-approved footwear):
little foreman


Cool to see the shower niche take shape:

KERDI sealed (middle of second week):


True Confession: I miss the open walls. I know drywall = progress (and gets us closer to having a shower again!), but there's nothing to look at anymore. With the open walls, I would go in there when I got home from work and just take it all in. Making mental notes that I hope will come in handy someday.

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