24 March 2009

Remodeler of the Week

And the award goes to...

Baz at Atomic Indy, who is doing a nice renovation of his mid-century modern home in Indianapolis. He has almost completed his kitchen and recently turned to his readers for input concerning finish options for the back-panel of his kitchen island.

He had originally used birch ply to finish the back-panel, but later questioned his decision. So he worked up two alternative options in Photoshop and put it to a reader vote. It's a great idea that I hope to use at some point; and please know that your comments are always welcomed here at Kingswood Redux. I voted for the orange treatment, as did the majority of others, and Baz wasted no time in bringing it to fruition. The finished result is featured below.

Be sure and check out the rest of the progress over at Atomic Indy.

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