28 March 2009

State of the Remodel


So I'm dubbing this post as our State of the Remodel address. It's not gonna be as formal as a speech, but it will bring you up to date on what's going on around our place.

As you've probably already noticed, I added the ReduxList to the sidebar. That kinda gives you an idea of where we've been and where we're going. You should know up-front that the last three items on the list fall into the long-term catagory -- so don't be checking back here every week hoping to catch pics of me putting up Hardie panels or anything!

The winter (and its accompanying darkness) put a major hamper on the remodeling efforts and our motivation. That and the fact that we made the big push over the summer to get the major grunt work completed -- just kinda felt like we needed to take a break of sorts.

But as the Pennsylvania weather begins to accept the rites of Spring and the light of the day continues to push back the bully of Winter, our spirits are feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to (continue the) remodel.

We're in the middle of replacing the majority of the base and door trim in the house. The kitchen and half-bath await on the horizon. We've got tons of ideas for both and really just need to sit down, consider them all, make some initial decisions and start getting some quotes on various materials.

We did pull the trigger the other week at IKEA (we need less violence-related figures of speech, don't we?). As I've mentioned before, it's not exactly right down the street, so when we go, we go prepared. We picked up a small table and two chairs for the kitchen. I had combed the website and discovered the new LILLĂ…NGEN bathroom system (after getting the heads-up from Creede over at GrassrootsModern). Luckily I had written down the names and prices of everything we wanted, b/c they didn't even have it displayed in the store yet; but I was able to find a knowledgable associate at the self-order computer desk who located everything we needed (after another associate told us they didn't have the new stuff yet!!).

Here's kinda what we're thinking for the half-bath:

We really like the tile shown with the sink for the small wall that is directly behind the sink and toilet. The other walls will simply be painted, so we'd like to do something creative, material-wise, on that wall. I've considered a mid-gloss floor or floor tile from IKEA, a sheet of Formica, rubber tile, poly-coated OSB panels and corrugated sheet metal (maybe sprayed w/ a high-gloss automotive paint)...just to name a few.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

More on all of this as it happens...

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Diana said...

Hey! Hope you two had a very happy anniversary this week and that you're doing well. It looks like you have made some serious progress on the house this year. We really want to see it sometime!