13 July 2009

Half Bath Demo

After completing most of the outside projects, its time to turn our attention back to the interior of the house. Half Bath demo is underway. Always good to remember where you started:

The wall "treatment" you see here is not wallpaper; it's a thin wood paneling. Now you would think that after having cleared the space of its existing lavatory contents, I'd simply be able to set a few nails and pop the paneling right off. Of course you'd be wrong. The paneling was actually glued (i.e. liquid nailed) to the studs and furring strips set midway between each stud. And not just spot glued here and there -- we're talking full length thick beads. Needless to say, it turned what should have been an hour job into more.

Most of the final material decisions will be made here in the next week or so -- still trying to decide between glass, ceramic or a stacked natural stone tile for that back wall and waiting for some samples. That decision will effect the floor color choice, so its a bit of a waiting game. In the meantime, we'll do as much drywall as we can and we'll be opening up the wall on the other side of the bathroom in order to put in a drain for a utility sink to be installed in the mudroom.

Special thanks to my Uncle Bruce, a plumber by trade, who stopped by the house yesterday and got us set with some great insight on all of the plumbing and A/C in the house. His expert advice will go a long way in making our mid-century house as efficient as it can be without replacing every major component in the house. A few tweeks here and there, installing an electric water heater to save the oil furnace from running year-round, and moving a thermostat for improved heating performance, among others.


Baz Mcm said...

Well done. You show that bathroom who's boss.

The battle the Liquid Nail is one I know all too well.



troy. said...

Yeah...but you battled it on glass, right? That must have taken some serious patience.

Update: Bathroom stripped back to its studs! Thankfully only two of the walls involved liquid nail to stud. The other two were glued to drywall, so they peeled off as soon as I got a bit of leverage. The orig. drywall came out pretty easily.

A few plumbing items here and there and then I have to start framing up the medicine cabinet and moving some electrical boxes around. Then its on to the new drywall.