29 July 2009

Half Bath Update

It goes without saying that the half bath is not yet complete.

Material choices, however, are complete. Next on the list is framing out the medicine cabinet, doing a bit of re-wiring and venturing into the realm of minor plumbing work -- moving the water line for the new toilet and tapping into the existing water lines and drain for a utility sink to be placed in the mudroom.

BTW: For those "keeping score" -- this picture is taken from the mudroom looking into the half-bath.


Anonymous said...

how about some up to date pictures....and don't forget to get a picture of the switch

Chris Magee said...

That's some fun framing going on there.

troy. said...

Fun indeed! If nothing else, it gave me the opportunity to hone my own framing skills (of which I possessed none before this project). Props to my dad (aka "Anonymous" above) for his advice and counsel on this project (and all of my remodeling adventures for that matter).