20 October 2011

kitchen [starting to feel real]

The kitchen has been a mess ever since I removed the old railing almost two years ago. We delayed the kitchen renovation last year this time to focus on the birth of our first child. At some point after everyone put up the new 2011 calenders, I got the redux bug again. Sometime in early-Spring, I worked up a design board and presented our initial design here. That design went through a number of changes and we finally got the kitchen ordered in late-Summer and delivered in early-Fall. About half of them are built and waiting patiently in our garage for the big install -- but that's still a few weeks off.

Even with all of that activity, it wasn't until this past Saturday, when my dad and I removed one of the existing wall cabinets (for the new window install) and then started to rework a bunch of the electric, that this feeling came over me that this whole kitchen redux is actually going to happen. At some point this week, Angie and I both said: "Wow...this feels real!"  

And that feeling was only intensified today when I arrived home from work to this:

That's a newly installed Pella 350 Series casement window, for those following along at home.

We hope to finish the new electrical this weekend, begin some drywall demo and then take a serious look at the remainder of the DIY work schedule to put in place a plan that will keep us in a somewhat working kitchen until all the little pieces can fall into place so that we're ready for the new cabinet install. My plan is to blog as many of the little steps along the way as I have time to. Stay tuned...

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